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Are you looking for a Crypto Exchange that offers you a lot of stuff in a single platform, like Trading, Debit card, advance loan, and a lot of services? It could potentially be like the next kind of Coinbase of the world, a very popular now variety of most affordable services from says that app cards that earn credit and pay at the top Exchange will go through all those things in a second. You can see where you got your Exchange, your app, and get your cards. We’ll look in the cards in a second got some cool stuff. The cards you’ve got the earning scheme up to 8% you get the credit you can make payments you can do investing. Team

Kris Marszalek is the CEO of that was pretty cool and sold a 21 million dollar to the I buy group in 2013. So he’s got extensive experience in building companies from nothing bring them to multi-million dollar valuations. Rafael that 15 years’ experience in Finance obviously for managing Crypto needs finance experience, you know the cryptocurrency may be the future of Finance. 

The deep understanding of risk compliance and mobile payments ecosystem in Asia led fundraising efforts as CFO at ASX listed Ensogo. He was well in security, really good stuff CFO. Gary Or was the CTO, and he has nine years of full-stack engineering experience. He’s a hacker, pretty cool product, designer, entrepreneur. employs over 200 people right now. So put into perspective if you look at a company like a block. One, for instance, who have billions of dollars, they have 150 employees. It’s imperative to check out the team go for everyone to see the people are actually running Kris centered on security. Security

Crypto’s security side is that you know there is a risk for a third party holding your tokens because of a lot of certain products. They have a whole different variety of gold-standard security certificates. has over 200 people right now in the company, and around 10 percent of the entire team is dedicated to security. The first cryptocurrency company to get ISO27001 in 2013, the highest certification level of a gold standard in terms of security. Exchange Exchange

The Exchange is in beta at the moment. It says exchange beta they have got a whole plethora of different cryptocurrencies. So you can buy within the app. MCO-ETH, XRP, LITECOIN like on the list even EOS goes on. You can trade Crypto, you can buy Crypto, you can sell Crypto all the same stuff as any Exchange type. When you purchase any of these assets through, all of the funds are kept in cold storage. They actually built their own hot wallet reliable solution house, which mate gates risk as well. So it’s all on cold storage you can store it. You feel very safe holding funds in the Crypto of a standard app. Syndicate Syndicate

The trading is another whole thing, but the syndicate something definitely to look out for so. If you join the syndicate, It basically gives you money off and fees off buying cryptocurrencies within the platform. got a whole play for different stuff so you can get into the Ethereum syndicate, and you get a discount you can see here in the image. It just creates another product for retail investors to buy tokens without getting in and out more accessible and cheaper and buying into a syndicate. You got the EOS listing here, and you can get some excellent returns within a few days or months. Trading Arena is gonna bring margin trading and leverage that kind of stuff. It’s a little bit into the future. The trading arena is a use case for the CRO token for the trading battle. In trading battle, we gonna get into the utility of that fifty thousand dollars. They’re gonna be going off to the buy bits in the firm X’s, and you know even the bit mix of the space with this as well they’ve got their arena looks really cool. You can build your crypto portfolio with automated quant trading. Mobile App Mobile App

The mobile app is super cool. The crypto app is what sold me on overall is this app. On the image now, In the app, the only place to buy Crypto at real cost so user syndicate can use different things to get discounts looks really clean interface. That we’re looking at, like you know, early 2020 at the moment, so you might watch a replay view. But they did do some pretty crazy updates so that you can buy sell seven Fiats and 52 cryptocurrencies. Debit Cards Debit Cards

The ecosystem token for getting rewards on your card if you stake fifty MCO tokens you get like free Spotify, 500 tokens, and you get free Spotify and Netflix. To get rewards actually a massive leap forward innovation because when you stake the tokens, you don’t lose them. Still have the potential for upside as well, not financial advice, but MCO could go in the future. It’s more attractive is probably off in price. So when you stake tokens that you don’t actually spend them, you still own the underlying asset. So it’s quite interesting it’s almost like free in away. If you think about it if you say you stake the tokens and wait for 180 days. You take them out you can actually get your money back. is offering many cards. The first one is the black one you need 50,000 MCO to get this. It’s called an odd city. The utility is 5% back on all spendings. It’s a jet partnership, so as you can see, these are the cards. A silver fro stone card that loads up you get silver, the blue, the Ruby steel, and it’s pretty cool. The colour schemes you know that little touch and made of steel and a metal card. You can see these are really cool cards. So yeah, 50000 MCO gets the old city in black card. If you don’t watch much on Netflix, so yeah, you get free Spotify, and all you have to do is take tokens. Then you don’t even lose the tokens that you don’t actually spend it.

The MCO token is gonna rise in value as demand gets higher, so it’s like you’re making money to get free stuff. If you want to go crazy, get the fifty thousand MCO card. You get a whole plethora of different things. You can check it out you also got To link the card up to third party’s different wallets, you can put it on the card spend on different stuff. You can buy Crypto with it good buy whatever you want to buy. 

 Earn From

 Earn From

You can get up to eight percent per anum on your Crypto or per annum up to 12% on stable coins. It is crazy as well imagine the bank giving you 12 percent on your money that’s not going to happen. So if you stake fifth this another, there’s another utility for MCO, so if you have 50 MCO staked, you get a certain PA be a 500. So t’s incentivizing people to stake who are for the long term a higher yield on your assets, which is really cool. You can earn a whole plethora of different tokens. 

Get a Credit Loan From

Get a Credit Loan From says deposit crypto gets an instant loan really cool feature. We can see the app to get the credit limit you want, not what you’re given. You can gain credit directly from your crypto wallet. You can pay whenever you want but basically how this works. It works on a collateralized based loan, so basically, put some collateral in says here 10,000$ deposit you can receive5,000$. The risk is kind of split between you can get your loan on anything. If you go to the bank, they’re not going to give you a loan. You require loads of money in the bank. If you’ve got less than 50, you get a certain amount of PA and then obviously you got 500 or more they give you bear more benefit. They’re gonna give you pay less on your loans. It’s just right to have this kind of product available for retail.

Stake tokens and Earn dividend

Stake tokens and Earn dividend is gonna be proof of stake. EOS is now getting loads of different staking mechanisms as also your name. They’re going to allow you to do basically stake those tokens within their platform and still get that yield that dividend, and in some cases, even more, they’re doing like 10% on EOS. Get these tokens to loan them out to people for trading in the margin and retail investors on the spot market. They can give you, even more returns, so they’re gonna use those tokens within their ecosystem. 

Pay with Crypto

Pay with Crypto

The CRO token that explains the new blockchain Many of start accepting crypto payments today that is kind of like the future. If we want Crypto to really get big, you need the cryptocurrency to stay within the loop. So you earn cryptocurrency, you spend cryptocurrency, the merchant accepts cryptocurrency. Suppose you spend that cryptocurrency, so the Crypto never leaves the loop of it. You can actually accept payments in pretty low fees or no fees, which is pretty good. Many banks would facilitate by announcing that going to pay allows you to have no costs on your card payments because crazy. Obviously, all the app here looks really tidy nice to see it from developers by developers get paid in Crypto. If you do have a business, you can get on to it.

Spend your funds with the MCO Visa card at any time. Get into the card in a minute to buy super simply. You can visit top up with bank transfer debit cards or Crypto. They’re doing like a 0% fee. If you want to buy with your card you can get 0% fees. You can buy Crypto with fiat, so to on-ramp as well, you can send Crypto to other users. Like you know, telegram or WhatsApp, you’re going to be able to send money across accounts withdraw Crypto from external wallets. There are no limit limits to where you can send it, and you can track more than 200 coins. As a portfolio manager also within the app, you can unlock rewards by staking the MCO token.

 CRO Token-Fuel of

CRO token is placed in the top 20 in coinmarketcap. It took in the next-generation public blockchain. So basically, the CRO token is the fuel for the ecosystem of their new public chain. This chain is going to facilitate different kinds of business models you can better build on top. enables transactions worldwide between merchants and cryptocurrency uses seamlessly secure and cost-efficient. So you can check out the technical white paper, you got all you got the white paper and that nickel white paper and consultant paper. is a performant payment network that handles immediate confirmation and scales with a large number of transactions. So you got here confirmation time is one second or 50,000 transactions per second. can’t do this right now. This would target them to hit the 50k target, but you know that Visa or MasterCard do about 50,000 transactions per second. So we really do need to scale up blockchain solutions to actually allowed to be mass adopted. 

The technical white paper for the actual blockchain into this extensively, but it runs on a Byzantine fault-tolerant decentralized blockchain architecture. It is decentralized because this is still in the works. says the crypto chain is the next generation of decentralized mobile payment protocols. There’s gonna be a payments network that other developers can come along to build. The consensus algorithm is a key to council nodes run a Byzantine fault-tolerant(BEFT) consensus protocol among themselves to resolve the final order of transaction sequences. So this isn’t exactly clear about what consensus algorithm is going to be, but you can see council nodes. So the chain is intended for mobile payments. The network consists of nodes arranged in different layers, each of which are designed to secure the different layers of needed architecture is proposed in line with the design. So they’ve got their whole like algorithm here pretty sure it’s gonna be centralized. 

Customer support

The customer support is excellent. You can go just on the app to speak to someone on the App 24/7 chat with them. 

Click here for $50 free just for signing up if you stake 50 MCO. 

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