How to add moving text in blogger or WordPress with CSS

Running Text called as a marquee in HTML language. Running text is the sentence or paragraph which runs the title like in the news channel heading. Running text is used to attract the visitor to tell your the latest updates. you can add anywhere in your blog and websites where you need it.
I am gonna explain to you How to add marquee text in 
you can simply copy the code which you require

Log into Blogger or WordPress
In blogger click on Layout, add the gadget where you want to show the code paste the code  and in WordPress insert the code with HTML.

Code for simple running Text

Enter your text here

Code for moving align from right to left and left to right

Enter your text here.Enter your text here.

Code for insert background-color Enter your text here with Background Colour

Code For Bolded Scrolling Text With Coloured Text & Background.:
This is coloured scrolling bolded text with background colour

Code For Scrolling Text With Direction Control.:

This Is Moving Text with down side Direction

Code For Scrolling Text With Alterate Behaviour.:
This is moving text with alternate behavior

Code for insert link

Code for insert image
Moving programming image

Code for paused point
This text can be paused just Point mouse over it.

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