How To Secure A Smartphone From Hackers

Mobile phones play a crucial part in our daily life.  We use a mobile phone for shopping, bank transaction, train ticket, flight ticket, movie tickets, cab booking, or many other things online. We store a lot of private data, such as passwords and debit card details, on our smartphones. So we have to ensure that our smartphone is secure and no one can view our personal information.

Here in the article, we will discuss how we can secure our smartphones by getting a little bit of effort.

1. Use a lock screen on your smartphones

Use a lock screen

Always use a password, pattern, or pin to protect your smartphone. This security helps you a lot to secure your smartphone from others.

2. Lock your Apps

Lock your Apps

If you are using any financial app or any other app in which you store personal data, you can’t do public. So you can use an app lock, which locks your app with a password, pin, or pattern, whatever you want to choose.

3. Download App From trusted App store

Download App From trusted App store

Most people are making these mistakes. They download apps from any websites which may be spammy. So when you want to download an app, we only recommend Google Play Store in Android and IOS App store in IOSThere is no doubt for Google Play Store, we all know very well about google security, and the good thing is they do not approve any spammy app on their platform. So before downloading the app, don’t forget to check the rating and review of an app.

4. App Permission

App Permission

When you download the app and install it successfully, the app requires permission to perform (mike and camera). So you can check the app permission that is needed on your mobile phones. 

For Example, In Dark Web, there are millions of Zoom users’ data are for sale. When you open Zoom, you see they access your camera and mike, so when you forget to close the zoom app, this runs in the background, and the hackers can hear all your voice with video. So read the review before downloading the app from the app store.

5. Google Authentication

Google Authentication

You can add an extra layer of security to your social media account, payment accounts. Make sure your Gmail has setup Two Factor Authentication. It is essential to secure your financial activity that links to Gmail. So for keeping 2FA is crucial to protect your smartphones from hackers.

6. Download an Antivirus

Download an Antivirus

We highly recommend you to use an Antivirus in your smartphones if your online transaction is high. There are many antiviruses that you can use safely. After installed antivirus, you must daily scan junk files, malware, clean, securing process. 

7. Avoid using public WIFI.

Avoid using public WIFI.

Many are always open to their mobile phone WIFI when not required. These are not safe. Hackers can hack personal data with public WIFI. Always keep WIFI switched off when it’s not needed. Make sure your phone doesn’t automatically connect to WIFI networks when in their range.

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