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Complete List Of NCERT Books Needed For UPSC Preparation For IAS Exam​

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Why NCERT for uPSC

NCERT is crucial for UPSC as it provides a strong foundation and comprehensive understanding of the subjects.

Class 6-12 NCERT History: Ancient civilizations, medieval India, colonialism, freedom struggle, global history, and comprehensive understanding of Indian history.

Geography ncert book

Class 6-12 NCERT Geography: Earth’s structure, landforms, climate, natural resources, human settlements, environment, and sustainable development of resources.

NCERT Polity (Grades 6-12): Indian constitution, governance, rights, democracy, institutions, and political processes in a concise and informative manner.

NCERT Economics (Grades 9-12): Economic concepts, development, market systems, policies, global trade, and contemporary economic issues covered comprehensively and concisely.


NCERT Sociology (Grades 11-12): Study of society, social institutions, social change, social stratification, gender, and contemporary sociological theories in concise form.

NCERT Art and Culture (Grades 11-12): Exploration of Indian art forms, architecture, literature, music, dance, and cultural heritage in a concise and insightful manner.


NCERT Science and Technology (Grades 11-12): In-depth study of scientific principles, discoveries, technological advancements, research methodologies, and their applications summarized succinctly.