A Complete SiteGround Web Hosting Review.

Web Hosting can lead to enhance your Website performance or degrade it.

If you are serious about making money online, you should probably have a website already. If not, then you have to create one. The best way is through WordPress or Webflow or any other platform like this. The main problem arises is which hosting platform to choose is it worth it.

Users building a website for the first time might find it challenging to purchase a domain and hosting, especially if they have no previous experience or expertise in it. You face various trouble for your website hosting or shift to another one; then, this post is for you.

Beginners find it daunting to make a Website, purchase a domain, and hosting. After that, it does not give us an overwhelming response, and that because the hosting you choose is outdated. There are tons of hosting platforms, and to select from them, it’s a bit confusing, especially to the new ones.

There are various hosting packages such as Shared, Managed WordPress, Cloud, and even more. For a beginner, one’s Shared server is the preferred one, and it is affordable too.

What factor you should consider while using a Web Hosting Service.

1. Motive: Your motive behind it, for instance, Creating a blog to earn deserves paid to host other than that you can use netlify, GitHub, or even drive to the web for free hosting.

2. Money: One of the essential factors to consider on. When you realize that the same benefits are provided by other companies too at a much lower rate. Then you were wasting your money. Or even you took Web Hosting, and it’s not working well.

3. Reliability and Usability: The web hosting provider should be reliable in terms of speed and easy to use interface.

4. Support Service: Do Web Hosting Services provide 24/7 support to its user? Is there are high satisfaction rate.

5. Experience: Web Hosting Services should have experience in their related field, so they provide support to their users.

Based on this factor, I want to start my own experience.

I have used Godaddy, and lastly, Siteground because many bloggers, YouTubers recommend that. But after using it, you get to know the real face same applied to me as well. After researching a lot, I purchased hosting from the above ones. You can’t predict the future, and my websites are going well with Godaddy, but after some time, due to more traffic, the website goes in vain. Then I shift to Siteground, and it’s been 3 years now that I was overwhelmed by its latest technology.

Siteground: (Provides Upto 75% Discount on BlackFriday or CyberMonday)

Siteground is fast, secure, affordable, and has outstanding support. It was formed and organized on 22 March 2004, Sofia, in Bulgaria. And it’s been 11 years now to remain as a top competitor.

Siteground is extraordinary in providing uptimes. Based on the source, it is between 99% to 100%. Uptime is an excellent measure in performance for Web Hosting. Sometimes in a day, user websites are not available on the Internet, that is the main reason for fewer uptimes.

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Source: https://hostingfacts.com/hosting-reviews/siteground/

The Data Center of SiteGround is located in London (UK), Eemshaven, Frankfurt, Council Bluffs, IOWA (USA), Singapore (SG), Sydney (AU).

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SiteGround has vivid features such as

1. Widely recognized unmatched support: One of the things that SiteGround sets apart from other web hosts are the top-rated Customer Support Service. SiteGround fast and a knowledgeable team is happy to help clients with their hosting issues 24/7 on three channels: chat, phone, and tickets and in 3 languages.

2. WordPress expertise and solutions: Today, more than 60% of websites are made using WordPress, and SiteGround provides Managed WordPress Service. WordPress and WooCommerce recommend SiteGround as the best WordPress hosting provider.

3. Optimized for incredible speed: SiteGround provides incredible speed to its user build on Linux containers with SSD disks. To further boost user websites speed, its web-caching service called SuperCacher also to increases the site’s loading speed. All of the plans support free Cloudflare CDN, which makes User sites even fast from every part of the world.

4. A proactive approach to security: Security is one of the most critical factors where SiteGround works on in 3 different ways, such as application, server, and network.

SiteGround also made an AI Anti-bot system to block from unexpected attacks every day.

And many more essential aspects where SiteGround works and provide convenient ways for its user.

Now starts how to take hosting from SiteGround.

  1. Select a Hosting Plan:

SiteGround mainly comes in 3 plans StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

A) StartUp plan is perfect for individuals who are just beginning to make a Website, or you can make it the new ones.

B) GrowBig plans are for Individuals or company who wants to grow and make more website and to gather more traffics.

C) GoGeek plans are perfect for individuals or companies with e-commerce and larger sites since larger sites need more server resources and GIT integration.

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2. Choose a Domain:

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Users can choose an existing domain or buy the new one according to their needs. SiteGround offer a wide range of domain extension such as .com, .in. tech and many more at an affordable price.

3. Review and Complete the order:

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Now it’s time to review and order your selected domain. SiteGround applies directly to the discounted coupon chosen during the signup process.

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