Website Development Process in 5 Minutes

Want to make a website, launch it, and make money from it. Start reading and clear all your doubts from where to get started, What are the steps, What to learn, and many more.Keep in mind there are various ways to create a website such as using Webflow, WordPress, Django, and many more like this.

But there are limits to all of this. I am providing here the actual Web development process for becoming a professional Web Developer. Most professional Web developers use the below process to go ahead.

First of all Website Development can’t be started in one day. Besides coding in website development you have to be a Graphic designer, learn about various languages, learn about frameworks and libraries, understand others websites, know about domain and hosting, launch it, become an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) master, learn about UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designing and many more.

It is like a whole branch where these are subtopics. Don’t get disappointed you can learn step by step and learn everything. You don’t have to be a master in all the above topics but for creating a website you have to need it.

Step 1: Learning basic languages/ Information gathering

First of all, you have to learn the basic concepts for Web development. Front-end and Back-end are two part of Web development. In Front-end learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Practice it in any code editor like Visual Studio or in Sublime Text.

Note you don’t have to be an expert in any of Front-end languages like HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript. Just learn that much so you can create a basic website, understanding other website code written in Front-end Languages. That’s it.Guide for Programming Language.Coding is a necessity of today’s

2. Make Projects

Just build a simple project where you can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating a Website. From only this, you can create a Website whatever you want. It is only because to build confidence in you so that you can go ahead and learn various other topics as well.

3. Learn Designing from other Website

By making a project you have a basic understanding of creating Websites. What you missed, What are the trends in Website Development today can be only solved by viewing other designs to get an idea. Now it’s all about designing, the best way to learn design is by viewing other websites, so to get an understanding. Learn UI / UX design to be a better designer.How to make a living as a UI/UX designer.Designers are creative thinkers making design their part of

4. Planning

Now you know how a website can be created, what are the design you can do. Website building can’t be started with code. You have to must make a layout of your website with pen or paper or using an app like Figma, make a workflow and plan how you will design your Website. Find the target audience for creating your website. Use Wireframing and all.

5. Make a Website

Now you can create your website, design according to your need, add layout with animation. Here you have to learn many more things for getting an error. Usually, the landing pages should be created first and then goes to other pages. The format of creating a website is almost the same for every website. I mean that you have to make a website responsive, adding navbar, images, subscription form, footer.

The website is mainly divided into

1)Front-End Development, and 2)Back-End Development. It is a very broad concept so I am not explaining here.

6. Testing/Launching

Testing is one of the important parts without which the website is worthless. Every single link to be tested, make it responsive. The content you have written should not be misspelled. After testing it’s time to learn about Domain, Hosting, and server. One of the ways to upload it to a server is through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

7. Maintenance

One of the ways to earn money is to update your website, try to minimize the time for loading of the website, create special features. If something error occurs on your website, try it to fix as early as possible, otherwise, users want to prefer other websites due to inconvenience. Make your website as user want by using User Interface and User Experience design. Sometimes when more traffic visits to your website it may crash. So you have to update your websites.

8. Marketing/ SEO

Many developers get stuck after making a Website; they get disappointed with not getting traffic. Making a website and not promoting is worthless. So for this, you have to promote your website. Digital Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important role in this. SEO mainly increases your traffic. Social media can also increase your traffic if you have a strong fan base. First of all, use your Website for a specific niche and then explore in various field.SEO is killing the Internet and you should learn it!Without SEO, The struggle to make a Website, Youtube Videos, Medium Post all goes in

The benefit of becoming a Web Developer:

  1. First one is obvious: The Pay
  2. The industry is not going anywhere until some decades.
  3. Fun to work.
  4. Work as a Freelancer or for a Company.
  5. Work from home or anywhere else.

Where to learn:

  1. Youtube(One of the best free resources).
  2. Freecodecamp.
  3. Online courses from Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, Skillshare.
  4. w3school, MDN Web Docs.

Conclusion: You can start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a Website but to grow it you have to follow the above parts. You have to learn Back-End as well to manage data. Most developers and top companies prefer this type of format to launch their website.

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