How to Start a Successful Blog in 2024

If you are looking for an opportunity in the blogging industry. You must read the guide you will get all the things about how and where to start a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website with a written article (called a blog post) by displaying them on the blog website’s homepage in the order of the newest blog post first. The intention is to create that a user visits a blog to see the most recent blog post on the top of the index on the homepage.

Evolution of Blog

In 1991, The web was evolving, and people were sharing information online with the web blog. It’s like a blog, but the name was a web blog at that time; web blogs are used to update the personal information and thoughts of people online. For example, scientists share data from one country to another by many people with web blogs. Later the Web blog is known as a Blog. The web is growing extremely fast, and a blog makes it straightforward for users to come online. was launched to express the people and the companies online. Google acquired in 2003 for an undisclosed amount of money. After the takeover, the blogger CMS was redesigned in 2004, and premium services became free. So a lot of things are changing collectively and quickly.

WordPress launched on May 27, 2003, which marked a historical day in web history, but later was founded as open-source, which means you can install WordPress into the webserver. Today contributes many features like Building an e-commerce store from Woocommerce Plugin, Creating a Blog, or any kind of website that makes WordPress the World’s largest website development platform. With WordPress CMS, there are 38% of the website hosted.

Who can start a Blog?

A group of people or businesses runs blogs to give the latest information in the conversation context. However, frequently, there is an uncountable blog that provides a lot of information to fulfill user’s demands. So if you know about any topic, then you can start.

Which type of Blog is better for me

The answer to this question depends on your passion. I will try to give your answer clearly; many people think a blog is a shortcut to get quick money. “Not at all” Now many blogs are present, so the competition is very high. All a good blogger on the internet is based on niches which means they are posting on one topic only shoutmeloud is for Blogging, TechCrunch is for technology, or you can research your own. The niches may be any topic like Digital marketing, Data Science, Blogging, or your favorite topics. So I recommend you only start a blog on a topic that you know well.

How to start a business from a blog

Nowadays many small businesses want to come online as a simple website with a few pages. The business wants to show its web presence, product, or portfolio online. They may be an organization or an individual. If the number of users of the website increases, and they want to expand, then the best is WordPress. It will create what you want in many scenarios. 

If you are passionate about a particular topic, we assume with an example that you understand better like you have a piece of knowledge about fashion styling. You can start a blog on fashion styling about how to wear a shirt ideally, style a tie, style a t-shirt, or anything else you know well. Creating good content and most of the content gets ranked on the top page in Google after two years. You have an idea to start a fashion company like designing a shirt, t-shirt, or women’s fashion product or selling a product online. You have monthly visitors of around 1 million. If you think that one million is not possible in two years, then you are wrong. You try your best it will give you a result. Just Imagine you are selling many products on your website. We expect a 1% conversion rate on every product.

The number of users visiting per month is one million on the website, and the conversion is one percent. Hence, the value became ten thousand people who buy a product from your website, and we assume the average product commission price is $10.

Monthly Earning= conversations rate of user×Average price = 10000×10= $100000

The expenses are 20%, and the amount of profit remains $80,000 convert in your currency into how much a blogger earns within two years.

This is all done by one tool known as WordPress.

Yeah, you start a blog now, and later, you can create an e-commerce website by doing some hard work or whatever services you want to provide to your audience. First, you have to analyze what the user wants. Then, the users’ pain, just delivering the solution to the user’s problems.

So start to take action on your idea and convert your passion into a million or billions dollar company.

How can I make money from a blog?

There are many ways to monetize your blog and earn money.

  1. Affiliate marketing: This is the most popular to earn money. In an affiliate, you can sell a product that relates to your blog and earn a commission.
  2. monetize with different ad spaces on your Blog like Google Adsense,, Adcash, Infolinks and many more.
  3. Sponsor post or sponsor ads: Many companies are finding a particular niche website to promote their brand. For, if you are running a blog on hosting and the hosting companies look for sales opportunities on your website, they give a commission and promote their hosting on your website.
  4. Sale your own products: Yes, in many ways, you can sell any product in the blog.

How I built a Blog by own (myself)

yeah, you can make any kind of Blog or website all on your own with less effort. You don’t need any coding knowledge to create. We explain everything here step by step: How to build a blog– Here I guide a website from WordPress

What does it cost to build a blog?

It depends on your website, how many users are connecting with you, and how to designing website codes, plug, size of the page, and many more factors. The overall answer is the minimum of $5 per month and no maximum limit. We are happy to help you to find your coast and any doubt related to hosting. You can drop a message in the ask section.

Now you will know all the things about Blog, how to start, and all the things. Let’s understand what is in the post.

Page vs. Post

Page: It is the statics page that we do not update regularly. Page not showing timestamp, author, classes. The page contains information including the about us page, privacy policy page, Disclaimer, contact us, products, services, or any specific page, which have different properties. The page is usually used to create a website structure and layout.

Post: The Post is dynamic that updates regularly. While the Post shows all the details because it appeared on the RSS feed, so readers who subscribe to your Blog will get the latest Post in the RSS reader list.

What is in the Post

The Post has some components made up of many things as follows:

  1. Post title: This show the user whatever the Post is about on the website or in the search engines. They have keywords that may be a long tail that rank on search engines.
  2. Meta tag: This is the short description of the Post that shows what is in the Post that the user chooses to read a post or not. A meta description is important for the SEO that visible in search engines with the post title.
  3. Date published: All the posts on the website show the date of publication. When you search for anything in the search engine, you show the publication date, showing how the Post is old or new. You can update from time to time any post. When you open the Post, it shows the date of publishing at the top.
  4. Author Name: most bloggers show the author’s name is the top or downside of the website. This also shows a short description of the author with the name.
  5. Categories: categories show the class of the Post from which topic the Post belongs. Usually, the categories are single words; sometimes, they may contain more than one word also.
  6. Post content: this is necessary to communicate with the reader to learn the topic.
  7. Comment: comment is used to express the user’s on how the Post and What the user review. The words may be anything that is based on the user.
  8. Tags: A tag is a single or more than single words that are more specific that points to your blog articles.

After getting all the knowledge, let’s move on to the creation part.

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