How to start a website in 2024

Many businesses have their website on the Internet. The first thing to create a website is registering a domain from the domain registrar; following, you’ve got a specified URL of your choice. The URL is the uniform resource locator start page that appears. The second is to design your website using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and numerous programming languages. If you don’t know the programming language, you can make it from a website builder like WordPress, web-flow, Joomla, etc. Finally, you can create a website with or without coding by drag and drop. Before starting a website must ensure that the non-technical person easily understands your website. Read this complete guide to get an overview of website creation and which website is suited for you or your business.

The website can be created in two ways.

Dynamic website

The user can make content changes without any programming language. A web editor is usually available for the Dynamic website that is able to respond to user input. A dynamic website requires a CMS(content management system) and basic HTML knowledge and programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, or XML to set up high-feature websites. In addition, a dynamic website needs more immense server resources as compared to a static website.

Static website

A static website loads faster and has a simple code, and requires low maintenance. The server loads the website without any changes. A static website is more affordable to host because the server does not demand high storage for hosting. Outdated information needs manually replaced on HTML pages on the static page, which takes a lot of effort. So creating or updating, the content on the website requires the knowledge of web language. An FTP application for transferring HTML documents on the web server is also needed.

Create a website without coding- Website builder

If you don’t know the programming language, then also you can create a website, you have to pay for a theme, and many websites offer you a ready-made template. Just upload the theme and start building your websites. You will get all the things very easily on the Internet. You can update the information(pages, blog posts, images, or anything on the website) that is present on your website at any time. The disadvantage is the limited flexibility, and limited default design setting, while you can create your own design that is needed in coding websites.

Self-program website 

This website has many advantages compared to a ready-made website. While creating a website from WordPress and inserting several plugins. So the size of the website is getting high because of plugins. If the website is developed from codding, you can minimize the code that makes the size of the website low. If the website size becomes small, the website’s speed will increase, so if any business is in the starting stage, you can create from WordPress, or when your business gets expands tremendously, you can shift to the coding site.

What is CMS

A CMS(content management system) manages all the website content separately from the design template in a database and creates and updates the content at any time. More than 38% of websites are based on WordPress which is the most popular CMS as open-source software, so it is free to use. In addition, WordPress has plugins and themes that give the website more features without any coding.

Webpage vs. website 

Example to understand quickly: you are using a book, In the Book, there are many pages, and pages have content like image infographic text or even blank pages also and the page has a number known as the page number of where it is placed in the Book to identify.

Guess what?

But in the same on website and web pages, simply replace the Book from the website and pages from web pages and page number from URL.

Have you understood? What are web pages and websites?

If you do not get it, reread this paragraph and, after reading, continue, and you will definitely know the difference. From the pages, the Book is complete, or without the pages, we cant create a book.

Web page

A web page is a page on the website that can be viewed online on a device like a computer, mobile, or laptop, as like the Book’s page. The web page contains text, images, infographic, audio, video, or any digital assets. For example, you are now reading this guide on the web page, and the page has a specific URL like in Book has a page number that points the viewer to that page.


A website is a collection of web pages, as same in a book has many pages. The user who visits your website can easily navigate to the other pages. The website stored and hosts on the webserver.

For example, is a web page and is a website.

How to Improve a Webpage

Good use of long-tail keywords, titles, description, clear URL, H1 to H6 heading tags, use keywords naturally in the content, used image, Infographic, if possible use video and audio, inbound and outbound links. With a question website, the webpage may be responsive to Google-friendly. Create a website article with a story and motivate the user.

How to optimize a website

Create a light-size website by removing unnecessary code and plugins that make the website or web page load faster. Compress high-quality images, use high-quality content, and appropriate keywords on a website that make the user for a long time on the website, and hence the ranking will improve.

Hot to start a business from a Blog

If you are passionate about a topic, It may be anything. I will give you a real example of a blogger created by Amit Agarwal. he started the Blog in 2004, earning more than $60000 per month from blogging; you can covert in your currency and think how much money a blogger can earn. He is also selling his services online. So you can expect how much they are earning. Many bloggers are earning from affiliate marketing or selling their products online and earning millions. 

For example, you have a piece of good knowledge of skincare, and you started a skincare blog. You will write a blog on skincare meaning how to care for your skin. We require a product to apply on the skin; you can recommend buying that product from your affiliate link. When your website traffic will increase in lakhs, you can start your own company. If you consistently post on your blog, trust me, you will become a successful blogger. 

Nowadays, many businesses start their blog to educate their users on relevant topics. The users’ niche topic engaged more time the user on a website and often made them happy.

Difference between blog posts and pages

A blog post is a post that displays on the homepage with the title, description, and thumbnail in the order of the newest article first (most recently published)

The page contains information including the About Us page, privacy policy page, Disclaimer, Contact Us, products, services, or any specific page, which have different properties. The page is usually used to create a website structure and layout.

Which type of website is best for me or my business? 

Depends on you and your website. If you have a suitable budget, you go with Dynamic as a good statistic website. If you want to create a simple website with countable pages, the static website is best for you. To create a high-level website like Amazon, Netflix, or any top company, you have to go with a Dynamic website; you have to develop your own CMS. 

How Much Should a Website Cost? 

It depends on your website, how many users are connecting, the design, features, the size of the page, and many more factors.  The overall answer is a minimum of $5 per month and no maximum limit. We are happy to help you to find your coast and any doubts related to hosting. You just drop a message in the contact us section.

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