How To Make A Resume For The First Job

Getting ready to apply for your first job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. One important step in the process is creating a resume that highlights your skills and qualifications. In this blog post, we will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on how to make a resume for your first job.

What is Resume

A Resume is a well-formatted document commonly used in the internship and job process. It contains your background information and education information, which helps the company to hire interested candidates—usually, a resume used for a quick review for interested Employees. The company hires an Employee who will fulfill the demands of the company. If you want to apply for a job, the Resume is an essential part. 

In the top Multi-National Companies, there are lakhs of resumes submitted per month. So this is the prominent reason why the hiring manager is not able to read all the details carefully. They read the details roughly and after choose some candidates for the interview. So don’t create a large resume. Try to cover all the details on one single page.

Most of resume gets rejected because the hiring manager will spend an average time usually less than 10-20 seconds. Every company read a resume to get a rough preview of the job seeker. 

If you are confused about how to create a resume? Let’s read further, here we are going to guide you on everything about how to create an attractive resume.                                     

How to create a professional resume?

You can create your Resume with Microsoft Word. You need to spend days and after spending this much time. There is no guarantee that your resume looks attractive for Jobs. Online, there are many websites available that offer a resume template by charging fees or even free also. 

The hiring manager is attracted to a well-formatted resume. The first is to qualify the resume for the company. In the company, many resumes are participating in the jobs. So the competition is very high. Think something different don’t copy others’ resumes available on the internet. Write your own words that make perfect your resume for hiring you.

Many companies are asking why to hire you. You have to give a unique answer. For Example, I have written in my resume Fast learner which makes me attractive compare to many people who participated.

Before making a resume first study about that company where you apply for the jobs and after what are the industries looking for?

First, understand Industries’ needs. You can make a different version resume to target a particular company. For Example, if you are applying to an IT company for a Python programmer job. You can highlight your project and if you have experience in Python. Getting this Job becomes easy for you. There are easy steps to follow for an attractive resume for making a high salary.

Lets starts,

The First Step is to Choose a suitable resume format for your field. There are three types of resume formats: chronological, Functional, and Combination.

Don’t confuse, about which is better for you. Most professionals are using a chronological resume format which is the most popular, so we suggest you use this format.

Select the right font for your resume

The font also matters for a resume easy read font style is the best choice. Font size is 10 to 15 for normal words, and the title is 15 to 20 not more than 22. It looks worst.

Large companies have an ATS (Application Tracking System), which will automatically collect the keywords for the Job. Suppose you did not write that keyword on the resume. Your efforts get loss. Before applying for the Job read the company requirement, roles, and work experience, the company has already given keywords in their description read carefully, and research. Make your resume for the company where you get fit the company and mention all the keywords.

The Important Resume Guide Sections are as follows:

1. Personal Details and Contact Information

Personal Details and Contact Information

The contact information must be placed at the top, and the information like email id, mobile No, etc. were the company contact for an interview.

The information is in these sections:

  • Photo: Select that photo on your resume where you wear simply a shirt or Bleasure if possible. Don’t insert a cool photo because it is not a good idea.
  • Full Name: your full name
  • Title: you can write your professional title for getting a desirable job—for Example, Digital marketing specialist, Software Developer, etc. according to your field.
  • Mobile Number: mention a mobile that is available when the company call.
  • Email Address: also mention the email id for getting the updates.
  • Links to the online portfolio like Linkedin Profile or other
  • Linkedin is crucial for building a profile and getting Jobs easily by making connections to the people who work in a company. So you can mention the LinkedIn profile link. Link all the social media accounts to LinkedIn.
  • Websites or Blogs: if you have any bloggers or websites you can mention them. It shows your online presence.
  • Don’t do unprofessional things in the resume like many people are mentioning, I am 21 years old and my date of birth is 22.07.1998. this doesn’t seem right this makes a negative impact on your profile. The hiring manager does not need your age. How old you are? He only wants to know what work you can do for the company. Some people also write marital status, so don’t include this type of information on your resume

2. Short Introduction

The introduction is always at the top and the short paragraph details by highlighting the skills or expertise to gain the attention of the hiring manager is between 30 to 50 words. Don’t write an essay. Keep short. Intro example: smart-working with less time, Digital marketing specialist has experience of about three years plus, and a Fast learner.

3. Work Experience

Work Experience

Work Experience defines the work history of the person. This is a vital section of your resume. the information is in these sections:

  • Job Title: what is your position in the company
  • Company Name, Place, About the company: company name is important, and the place is also important. If your company is not well known then the company details are mandatory.
  • Dates: This defines your experience. How much experience do you have? You have to mention the joining date -end date. Write some words about your experience in that company like, how you manage, after joining what changes you do, what projects you start, and how you handle them. You can write what is in your mind, but remember one thing don’t write which defines you negatively in that company. Write a minimum of 2-6 bullets point about your duties, projects, achievements, and also what you learn from that company.

One strategy is to make your experience section better about what changes occur after you joined the company. If you are a student no need to worry, you can mention your internship or Volunteering in a college or non-profitable organization. If you don’t have an internship or Volunteering no need to worry, you can keep this section empty and focus on all the other sections properly.

The most common mistake in the work experience sections is what your responsibilities are in the company. This mistake makes many people. So mention your responsibilities in the company. If you have more than five years of work experience, you have to generate a CV, which is two pages. 

4. Skills 

Soft skill in resume

The skill sections define the personal identity for a particular skill that you know the most meaning you are an expert in that skill. Hiring managers are looking at the skills of the individual. Write your talent in a manner that catches the eye of the hiring manager—skills written on a resume that doesn’t prove.  For Example, if you are a digital marketing expert, you know Web development is catching the eye of hiring managers. Make sure you know web development. If you fill in the wrong details, you can lose the Job soon.

We discuss this in detail. I recommended you write at least 8 skills in a resume that you know well. Every company thinks they get a skillful Employee.

Here is a list of skills in a resume:

  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Software Development
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Gui Design
  • Android App Development by Java
  • Python 
  • Ruby
  • Apple App Development by Swift
  • Networking Expert
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Data Scientist
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Content Writer
  • Architecture
  • Accounting tools like Tally Erp, Oracle, etc
  • Or it could be anything according to your field.

5. Certificate:

This defines the professional certificate, which will be achieved by the time duration, which proves that you have done that particular course. This is the most important section of all the sections. 

  • Example-1. The IT field……if you have done graduation in IT Field you can do additional certified courses which will boost your profile for jobs you can do Programming languages according to your interest like Python, C++, ‘c’, Swift, HTML, Javascript, etc 
  • Example-2 The Medical field: if you have done graduation in the medical field you can do additional certified courses(like DMLT, LAB Technician, D-Pharma, etc. according to your interest) which will boost your profile.
  • This all is based on the industry where you won’t job. So research deeply on the Industries where you want to do a job. Don’t miss the opportunity.

6. Education

Education in resume

Now, Education is less important. If you have a particular skill or work experience, it’s enough for you—education qualification placing at the downside of the resume.

Details of the resume sections:

  • The names of your university
  • Location of the colleges (city, state)
  • Date of graduation starts to ends (month, year)
  • Date of Masters, if their (month, year)
  • Score  (only include if your score is high if your score is average no need to mention it in your resume.)

7. Awards

This section is providing proof of your abilities. Adding your awards or other rewards from the organization or company helps you to complete all the participants for jobs. Some are giving awards like the Best Salesman award, best business management award, best marketer award, Best Helper Award, etc. based on the company size or rewards get from any organization for projects or any work. Not easy to get all these awards. It requires a lot of effort to get. 

Awards like 

  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships
  • Positioning  
  • if you don’t have one, you can feel free to break this section.

8. Personal Projects

This shows you how serious in your field. In the final year of the graduation thesis, the project is compulsory for submission to the college. You can mention it here. If you have more likes on social media or have any blogs which have more traffic, this also helps you well. It looks attractive.

  • Example-1, you are the Digital marketer or social media marketing specialist you can mention by modifying the Example in your way. If you give this type of Example, the company thinks the Employee can minimize the money in marketing and increase sales within a few days.
  • Example-2: develop a strategy that gives me 5k pages of followers in 20 Days and 10k Instagram Followers in 30 Days free of cost. 
  • It is not hard to get all these followers. This is very easy to get so you can try it yourself, if you are not able to create this you can contact me in the contact form and ask me any questions. This is a good example for you to do a valuable project.

9. Interests

This section shows your interest in which Field. And that is beneficial to the company. This is the game-changer for your resume.

For Example, Interests like 

  • AI
  • Gaming
  • Programming
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Etc it could be anything according to your choice.

10. Proof-reading Your Resume

Once you completed your resume. Read your resume over several times yourself if you require any corrections then correct it. The final step is to read your resume by you and your friends. You wrote your resume. This is the reason you can’t find any mistakes in the resume. The best choice is for your friends, and parents to help you find mistakes and also give a suggestion. If you did not find any mistakes and If you get mistakes, do correct them

 Good News, your resume is ready. 

Save your resume in Google Drive as a PDF and Word file if you don’t know how to convert PDF to Word or Word to PDF format. It is very easy to convert. Search on Google Word to PDF converter you get many websites. You can select the website to upload the file and instantly get a converted file. It is free of cost. Take a Print out of your resume and read it again.

Email your resume with a high-quality description and attach your resume and send it to the company.

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