What are the Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Here we will be going to talk about most common job interview questions and answers. When going for the interview, we have many questions in our mind like

  • What the hiring manager may ask?
  • How did I answer the questions to the hiring manager?
  • What do I that the hiring manager get impressed?

Don’t be panic.
It’s time to relax and read the article carefully.

“Every company wants to hire you
just give him a proper reason why hire you”

Most recruiters ask the same question, but the way is different. So if you prepare the basics questions, later you can achieve any job.

Prepare for the Job Interview

First, you need to make a pitch of the questions asked by the interviewer. Everyone knows the general questions you don’t know view the entire article.

Introduce yourself or Tell me a little about yourself.

Every interviewer asks this question. The interviewer asks because they want to know about your background that you can do the job well or not. Avoid saying something like: I was born in India and about family background. They don’t want to know about you in deeper they ensuring you can do this job suitably. Make a little bit about your background, current role, and share some quick experience about you.

Answer like

For Fresher
I am Aman Matola, a recent college graduate from Mumbai University.
I have just completed my graduation with BSc.
Along with college, I also completed courses like Digital marketing. I am passionate, smart-working, and responsible. I am also looking to using all the things that I learned during college.

For Experience
I am Aman Matolia, and I love using my skills to bring more business to a reliable product. I worked as an Assistant Manager at Mahavir Synthetic for one and half years. During that period, I made several changes in Mahavir Synthetic, like less paperwork and enhanced technology in the business.

Why did you decide to apply for this position?

In this question, the hiring manager wants to judge how passionate you are about the position. You can visit the company website and search for the related things that you can improve in such a job position.

Answer like

I believe that I have the right skills to get started with the job.
I already have experience in marketing, leadership, team management, and of course, lots of things that satisfy the needs of the firm.
So, I believe this job would be an excellent start to my career in marketing.

I worked in digital marketing for 2+ years. I applied for this position because after reading the job description. There have several topics like Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Google ads campaign, and many more that I learned in Digital marketing. I am Capable to fulfill the area of work and start contributing instantly to your Company.

What is your greatest strength?

The hiring manager’s primary purpose is to identify whether your strengths adjust with the Company’s needs or not. The hiring manager’s goal is to match between your profile and the works needed to succeed in the job. Elaborate your soft skill and hard skill to the hiring manager that mentions in the resume and explain how it will benefit the Company.

Answer like

I have solid digital skills. Already discuss have work experience as an assistant manager that means not only the digital skills also have additional skills that the business needed.
I like to meet new people and communicating with them, and understanding their needs.

My biggest strength is that I’m excellent at picking up new skills. I do the work that the Company wants, and I keep learning new things that the company needs; in Mahavir synthetics, I learned accounting and taxation. For most, I can learn all the needed skills within 1 or 2 weeks.
So, I’m sure while I don’t have any experience as any skill, and I believe I can get good at it within a week or month.

What is your biggest weakness?

When a hiring manager asks about weaknesses, many job seekers are thinking about what they should say. Frame the answer with a negative to a positive response.

Answer like

Well, As I recently completed my graduation, my biggest weakness is the lack of work experience in the industry. While I’ve taken part in many events in the college,
However, I am ready to do the best performance ever and ready to learn new things as fast as possible.
My weakness is that I make mistakes that most human beings. After making a mistake, I do not leave it as it is; I correct and learning lessons from mistakes.

Why should we hire you?

In this, the hiring manager will discover how passionate about working for the Company. If you’re confused about where to start, read the job description and the skills. Think about matching your qualifications to a job that makes you a better candidate than the competition.

Answer like

As you mentioned in the job description and from the research I’ve done, your Company is looking for a Digital marketing specialist who has strong search engine optimization skills. I believe my experience makes me fit. My communication is better to give oral presentations, talk on the phone, and write via email. I’m also good at several relevant software, like Google Analytics, WordPress, etc
I will be happy to bring my various skills in use to your Company.

What are your salary requirements?

If you have faith in your work, then leave your salary to the hiring manager. Try do not to negotiate the salary.

Answer like

I am interested in value creation so just see my work and later decide my salary.

Why are You Leaving Your Current Job?

If you recently leave your current job, the hiring manager will ask regarding it. So this is the most challenging question most of us cannot answer. So honestly, say, but make sure don’t tell any negative answer.

Answer like

I have learned a lot of things from that Company, like teamwork, team management, and many things. The primary reason to switch my job is to change the location. My dream place to work in Bangalore is why I leave my entire family and all my friends, and I shift from Mumbai to Bangalore.

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