Web Designer vs Web Developer

If you are a web developer, handling a website, hiring a web developer, or creating a website with WordPress or coding, you have confusion; What is the difference between Web Designer and Web Developer and their roles?

Let us talk about Web development and Web designer.

Web designer

Web Designer knows the designing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Marvel, Figma, Canvas, or other web designing software to create a unique layout. Web Designer makes your website beautiful attractive they focus on the style to create a creative design. They know how actually a website for a particular company. Their task is to research the user’s needs, and the user gets engaged for a long time in a website. A web designer is a researcher who researches which part of the website users love and how to get better from others by giving innovative and creative design.

After collecting the User experience, the next is implementing the design that the user wants. That know as a user interface. Overall, Web Designer improves and easy the usual journey with the unique style in many ways graphic animation by using creative skills. The web designer’s role is to create a website layout with its creative logic.

web design can turn their design into working photo types using various software and to able to deliver what client and employee business want is to be a whole package of designing and coding magic

Skills for a web designer

  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Photo editing
  • Problem-solving
  • A good design sense
  • Know various software for design
  • Analytics the user experience
  • Comparison to another website
  • Communication with a customer
  • Strategy development
  • Good copyrighting skill

The average package for web designer: The average Package of a web designer is $56,00,0

Web Developer

A web developer builds a website Framework using languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and others to create a smooth-running website. The web developer’s role is to implement the design with web language. The web developer builds a website with his logic in technical terms.

Skills for a web developer

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Javascript framework
  • Search engine optimization
  • Flexible design skills
  • Testing a website

The average package for web developer: The average Package of a web developer is $78,000

The designers and developers work together. The designer focuses on the designing and planning among a perhaps user experience, and the developer focuses on web language.

Front-end developer

The front-end developer knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a responsive website that the user can easily navigate. They build a Framework that the user can interact with—the human being who knows web designing or web developer known as front end developer. Front-end developer writes HTML and Javascript code and even uses a CSS preprocessor like Saas or less. They make the website from scratch.

Many people starting their web journey with HTML later learn photoshop or other software to design a website. A good option is to learn web development and a web designer. It gives a suitable package of the website from scratch.

Back end developer

The website’s core structure is design, and the developer is an expert in programming like C#, C++, Java, Python. This all work does not see the user. They do all the coding on the server. You can see many algorithms like Google AdSense showing relevant ads on your website, or when you search on Google shows you a better result, an algorithm done in back-end programming.

The developer has knows a back-end as well front-end skill called a full stack developer. It works on both the side. It is essentially the complete package when it comes to web development because they are experts in all areas.

Average Package for Full stack developer: The average Package of a web developer is $120,000

Roles of the Web developer and web designer

  • Creating a sample website: Web designer
  • meeting with people to discuss the requirement: Web designer
  • showing and getting feedback about sketch sites: Web designer
  • keeping up to date with recent trends: Web designer
  • creating user-friendly, effective products: Web designer
  • design a page layout: design web designer
  • Edit photos and videos: web designer 
  • building a website: web developer 
  • creating a web page: web developer 
  • Modifying the website: web developer
  • Fix server hosting issue: web developer

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