What Is Domain Name | Subdomain vs Subfolder?

A lot of people are confused about the domain name. So in the article, we will discuss the domain name and its types. I believe that after reading the article you did not have any doubt related to the domain name.

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is like a special address for a website on the internet. Just like your home has a street address, a website has a domain name. It’s a unique name that people can type into their web browser to find and visit a specific website.

Imagine the internet as a big city with lots of houses (websites) in it. Each house has its own special name (domain name) so that people can easily find it. For example, if you want to go to a website called “Shitus.com,” you just need to type that name into your web browser, and it will take you right to that website.

Domain names can end with different endings, like “.com,” “.org,” or “.net.” These are called domain extensions. They can tell you something about the website. For example, “.com” is often used for commercial websites, like online stores, while “.org” is usually for non-profit organizations.
So, a domain name is like the address of a website, and it helps people find and visit their favorite websites on the internet.

History of Domain Name

In 1990, companies were using an IP address ( to communicate and share information on the internet. The IP address is difficult to remember. Many people try to get revolutionize the internet domain name. 15 March 1985, “Symbolics.com” was the first .com domain that was registered into the internet world and now millions of domain names get registered. The domain name was introduced as free and open-source and the challenge is to maintain privacy and servers for storing the domain information. The domain name was no longer for free in 1995.

What is a subdomain?

A sub-domain is part of the domain name. The subdomain name is created for the different parts of the website. You can create a subdomain for the multiple purposes that you want, like services, courses, blogs, payment gateway, and others. The subdomain name can be created unlimited and subdomain names concerning the domain name.
Suppose your domain name is yourdomainname.com and you want to keep a separate website for the blog(blog.yourdomainname.com), services, or any other.

You can use any text or the number on the subdomain. The subdomain is very useful for a website to separate the content in many ways, like for country-specific, mobile, and desktop views, and many ways to organize the website content more effectively. The subdomain name is a separate part of the website that contains the extension of the domain name. so create a subdomain name when it makes sense.

Subdomain examples

There are many reasons to use a subdomain. we discuss some common situations as follows:

  1. Blog
    The company has the product and services to the user they want to enter in the content marketing to aware the user or global audience. The company creates relevant content that helps the online audience to get a solution to the problem. It gives the user to find the solution and helps the company to be aware and engage the user. Most companies are using the domain extension for their business.
  2. Creating for the purpose of high security
    Many sites are using the payment gateway on their website. Most companies are using a separate subdomain for the payment gateway to keep sensitive financial information more secure.
  3. Service page
    With more attention to selling the services, several companies differentiate their service page to design a high-converting front page that helps the user to convert the action to the website subdomains like store.yourdomain.com, shop.yourdomain.com, and service.yourdomain.com.
  4. Testing new future
    Many companies are testing the new features on their website. Getting the new look many of us create a subdomain and give the user to access the beta version. The company collects feedback from the user and analyzes the analytics data of the website. They get all the things clear from the user behavior on the website. If got useful, they go forwards with changing the whole website without having to sacrifice the existing User experience.
  5. A subdomain can be created for multiple purposes like forums, groups, support, or other reason.
    The right use of the subdomain does not affect your main website, Seo.

How to create a subdomain

The creation of a subdomain is a very simple process, login with the hosting and the domain provider and make the Changes in the DNS server that are needed. The process is similar in all the domain registrars and the hosting provider. If you get any doubt you can ask us.

How subdomain affects SEO

A subdomain is recognized as a different website on the search engine which means needs more effort to crawl or index the website on Google. It is a little bit difficult to rank your site on multiple keywords.
I would like to suggest that only use if you have a good idea.

What is Subfolder or subdirectory?

Subfolders are the folder that shows in the domain name and store in the webserver. Subfolder is the easiest way to organize the website content with the categories in an efficient way.
For eg, If you have a blog or website on clothes, In clothes, there are many varieties with various brands. The user will not want to waste their time finding the required product on the website. The subfolder will do your work very easily by creating the categories of the product like:

  • yourdomainname.com/men-clothes
  • yourdomainname.com/women-clothes
  • yourdomainname.com/mens-watch
  • yourdomainname.com/girls-watch
  • yourdomainname.com/mens/trak-pant
  • yourdomainname.com/women-track-pant
  • or whatever is needed.
  • You can create on your blog or website which makes your website more simple and easy to find any categories.

Is SEO affect Subfolders?

Subfolders help make a websites rank faster as compared to a subdomain. Google does not perceive a subfolder as a separate website.

The URL structure of the subdomain and subfolder

Now you know this domain, subdomain, and subfolder
Here we discuss the example of shitus.com

Shitus.com is a Domain name
lab.shitus.com is a subdomain
shitus.com/blog, shitus.com/services is a subfolder

Which is better for me

It depends on the website, if the website is a micro-niche, then no need. If the website is a macro niche like digital marketing or any topic can create both, but the most useful for SEO is a subfolder. It will organize the website content so that the user easily find the information that is needed. So you can customize your website like shitus.com.You can check shitus.com in-depth, apply on your website, and don’t copy because it will not go to success everyone knows. While all guides we discuss, you better know the importance of your domain name.

Full URL structure: – as you visit this Url, we take the example of this page.
Https://www.shitus.com/what is a domain name

HTTPS is the hyper test protocol
www. is the subdomain
shitus.com is the domain name
.com is an extension or top-level domain which globally use
/What is a domain name is a subfolder(directory) on the server

How to choose a domain name

Search related keywords of your business. After finding the keywords, you can choose a domain name generator to get an enormous idea for absolutely free. Find a domain name that immediately gives an idea to the new visitors of what your website is all about.

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