12 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name for a Website (2023)

Buying a domain name is essential to meets a company’s needs over the long run.

Choosing a domain name is like choosing a company name that requires a lot of thought and consideration. The domain name is the identification on which the people get on the internet world. So make sure that the domain name suits and fits with the business.

Let’s quick Start with choosing a domain name.

There are a few useful methods for finding a meaningful Domain name for the business. You can search for strong keywords and apply with a domain name generator site to get a colossal Idea and get you a quick decision in many ways.

1. Find a relevant keyword for your business

First, find what you are offering to the user. For example, if you are offering a plumbing service, you can search-relevant keywords in Google. You will get many ideas for making advanced research. You can go to Ubersuggest(a free tool), which shows you to search many keywords with search volume. So not only locally but also globally you get traffic. Finding keywords is an essential action for the domain name. So make sure that SEO difficulty is less than 20.

2. Make it simpler to remember

When we pronounce any name, it doesn’t seem easy to pronounce. We try to ignore that word or phrase. When it looks simple, people easily pronounce and remember that domain name for the long run. So keep it easy to pronounce and remember easily.

3. Keep a short Domain name

As we discussed before, a short name is easy to remember if you use multiple words in the domain. It is difficult to remember most of the time. One-word domain names are easy to capture the user and help them collect the information for the next time they require.

4. Choose a local Domain extension

Suppose you are looking for a local business. In that case, if you are targeting a specified country, you can choose a localized extension like .ca for Canada, .in for India, .co for Colombia, or your specific country. The country-specific domain will help you get a high audience with the particular country’s search engine.

5. Do a Global business

If you want to go globally, you can go to the .com domain, which helps you rank worldwide or buy multiple domains. For example, you want to start a consultancy business Globally. You can take various domains extension like .com for global, .in for India, .us for USA, .ca for Canada, .co for Columbia by buying multiple domains. You can do the redirect to the country site by the user’s IP address. So don’t take extension like .pn, .studio, .net. only think one thing will you click such type of domain extension or .com extension. So many people’s mentality is to click on the .com extension as compared to other domain extensions.

6. Avoid number on your domain name

If you keep any number on your domain name, it looks unprofessional, so always keep a word that makes it professional. If you want to use word or number mix. I have a tip you can make 24 hours like some ent24 that defines entertainment 24 hours. News 24 means you are getting news information for 24 hours that define No need to wait for news.

7. Use a proper Domain extension 

As such is .com, .net, .org, always go for High-level domain extension, don’t go for low. So always take care the new extension is available that looks more attractive to find an excellent opportunity extension like .studio for a studio, of .club for the club, .cricket for cricket, .dev for the Coder. The domain is not for a business, not for a Blog that’s only for grabbing your audience’s attention.

8. Avoid other Trademarks on your Domain name

While buying the new domain, most do not search online for that domain have registered any Trademark or not. Don’t keep your domain name with the other company pairing name. For example, imagine you register a domain name on the bestamazonproduct.com that might be easy to famous you, but it hard in the long run. When the Amazon legal department Catches your domain name, they will first notify you to shut down the domain because all domain rights have to Amazon. If you can’t do this, then they wait for some time and send you a legal notice that you have to pay a high penalty sometimes that you can’t afford. So don’t copy your domain to the brand name. If you have a great idea, make sure someone else did not help it first. Go to the United States Patent and Trademark website. If someone knows, they else register your name before you.

9. Check out social media before buying a Domain name

Must check your domain on popular social media the username is available or not. It is ideal to find your audience on any platform is a single name; like you create a username in Facebook page is different, and your domain name is different. It is not good to develop a stronger brand. Make a visitor feel comfortable finding you on the internet, on the browser, social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

10. Research and Research

The last step is to research more things about your domain name because you can’t change the domain name once you buy. Make some effort and find a unique domain name.

11. Public Information through Who.is

Every domain registrar company registers your domain name to who.is that means your domain information is public to everyone in the world. In Who.is, we can find out the domain owner name, register address, mobile number, so we must ensure that the domain Registrar should allow us to edit the details and hide all the details when needed without any additional fee. Most of the Registrar are charging a fee to hide your domain information in public(like owner name, owner mobile number, and many things), but one Registrar is giving you all the services completely free in the domain market. You can simply buy a domain name from namecheap.com if you want this feature completely free.

12. Transfer a Domain name with no fee  

When you don’t like a Registrar, then you transfer your domain from that Registrar to another. Ensure that the Registrar does not have any cost for transferring your domain to another. The Domain transferring process is done by the ICAN, a non-profitable organization responsible for the internet domain. It was clearly mentioned in the policy of ICAN that the Registrar can’t charge a fee for transferring a Domain name.

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