How To Create A Strong and Unique Password

The world is one step to Digital. Now in the world, all the transactions are in an online way. Everything on the internet requires creating a password to access.

If you don’t know How to create a strong password? you came to the right place

We are going to explain to you how to create a secure password that no one can crack.

so before starting, first understand

How do the hackers hack your password

Hackers do not have time to guess your passwords. They run a dictionary program attack tools that automatically run through massive databases of common passwords and random combinations of characters. These tools will attempt each password until getting a match one. If you hear Dark Web is the marketplace where the hackers sell or buy the passwords. There is big money in selling and purchasing the login and password details on the Dark Web (Black market). So this the reason for banks or other financial websites announces changing the password every six months.

Phishing is one of the most used by hackers to target email messages, text messages, calls, or spammy websites. The hackers will collect all your details on your mobile phones, which they require. You see that many times the survey or online quiz games were we fill some facts about us many ways to phishing users online. Bank and financial organizations use a monitoring system to prevent phishing. Users can report industry groups or cybersecurity experts to take legal actions against the fraudulent websites.

Don’t be create simple passwords.

Many users create their passwords as their personal info, such as first name, surname, parents name, mobile number, and birth date. The hackers love this kind of password, and they easily attempt to guess.

Avoid This password

Normal number-123456789, 1111111111,222222222

Date of Birth-22071998


keyword sequence-qwertyuiop

Name- Aman1234

How to make a strong password 

Make a long password.

It is an essential factor. When you create a password, make sure that your password containing at least 12 characters.

Use a mixed character.

To protect yourself from hackers, make a long password containing the alphabet, number, capitalize words, and unique character.

Here some of the example which you can make you own








When you buy a smartphone, you can observe something when you open a hotspot that contains a random number and alphabet password that is very difficult to guess.

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t use an online site to generate passwords.
  • it would be best if you never allowed your browser to save your password

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