What is uptime and downtime in web hosting

If the user comes to your website and doesn’t load, most users will never come again. So the user experiences down your website. You spent much time on your website to drive traffic, but it’s a significant concern if the website does not live on the internet. Most of the hosting provider providing 99.90 or approximately 99%
e.g. If your website is earning monthly $1000, the average hour a month is 720 hours. and your website is making 1.4$/hour and the website goes down is for7.2 hours
Just understand the simple maths of downtime.
Total downtime hours × Amount of one hour($) = 7.2×1.4$=$10
The website is losing monthly $10 and yearly $120
if your website is earning above or less $1000, it looks affecting when you calculate annually.

Causes of Website Downtime

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • server overloads
  • security threats
  • hardware issues
  • human error
  • DNS issues
  • CMS issues
  • power outages
  • natural disasters

An average website contains traffic of ten thousand or less; then, the uptime will not affect much. But an online store has a visitor of 10k that means that it has a high chance of a major loss if downtime happened.

How to improve your website uptime

It depends on you and a hosting provider. When choosing a hosting provider, don’t trust the provider research about hosting provider. Many bloggers are publishing the uptime report of the hosting provider, so refer to that report and find a perfect decision. The hosting provider showing on the homepage is 99.9% uptime that is not true.

You can also use website monitoring tools that cost you a little bit. However, it beneficial for you.

change your hosting plan if needed

The hosting provider provides different hosting plans if you host your website in shared web hosting, high chances that your website goes down. In shared hosting, many websites are hosted if any websites got high traffic, then your website also goes down if your website in that server. If your websites are getting high traffic, you can go to cloud hosting or VPS.

Your website is useless if the user or audience can't access it or exercising time to load.

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