15 Tips for choosing a great Web Hosting Company

The process of choosing a web hosting company is not easy. The market has grown a lot in the few years. So choosing a web hosting plan and web hosting company is a big challenge.

1.Traffic capacity

Many web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth, which means unlimited traffic that’s not true. The transfer speed will be restricted to something like IMB/S. This will not affect if you are new, but the audience comes to your website if you grow simultaneously. It will crash or down the website. Some hosting companies provide unlimited traffic speed transfer, but they provide limited user visit monthly.


As your website online. If your website has high traffic, then uptime will be necessary. most companies are providing 99.9%
e.g., if the website has traffic of one lakh and the uptime is 99%, then with the one lakh visitor visit your website, one thousand visitors can’t or get the problem to visit the website. So check to uptime.

3.Renewal price

when buying any hosting, it may be a lower price, but it will charge a high amount when renewing after a year. So the renewal amount is increased. This also applies to the domain prices. When you buy a domain name, it typically charges you 5-10$ for the first year. When you renewed after one year, they will charge a high amount from $15 to $30.
you can see that the provider gives you a discount than the renewable time.

4.Client per server

while many are purchasing the shared hosting at the starting level. When you want to buy, you can sell the limitation on the server of the website. Home many websites were host on a single server. If you are serious about your website, you make sure that they are in good hands.

5.Free Domain

Free stuff is a good deal when buying hosting. Must ensure that the who.is guard for hiding the ownership details of that website is free. who.is guard is vital for security purposes. Various hosting companies provide a domain name for free for the first year. So before buying, compared to the hosting companies.

6.Unlimited storage

most of the websites are providing unlimited storage. That’s not the truth. Imagine how much storage you are using or using the not more than 10GB if you are a starter. It’s not a big deal. You can read the term and conditions for more information.


The complaints are painful for the users. So when choosing web hosting, investigate the complaints of that hosting company on google. Complaints are widespread in every business.

8.Buying with Discount

Always buy hosting on a festive season. Most hosting is giving a special discount which is a good deal. You can search online coupons for purchasing a hosting and domain as well. Some are not offering a discount that means they are not bad hosting. They also have good hosting, which means they focus on quality

9 Daily Backup

Yes, it is the essential factor. When developing a website or blog, you spend a lot of time on the website, content writing, or other activities. Therefore, the hosting provider must provide a daily backup of your website and ensure that you also back up your website weekly. Do not depend on your hosting provider.

10.Decide for the long term, not the short term

Most of the hosting providers are providing a long-term plan. If you don’t trust it, you can purchase the hosting for at least one year. Most of the provider gives you a massive discount like 70% for the long term about 3 to 5 year. It will not be good if the hosting is not trusting.

11.Security Features

If the website contains sensitive information like a credit card, debit card, or other user payment option, it requires high security. Some hosting providers run malware detection tools to remove the unwanted files on the server for security purposes. Must provide an SSL certificate that looks website more secure and encoded. If a hacker hacks your website, you need to restore all the information of the websites. So before buying web hosting, security is precious.

12.Customer support

Excellent support is desirable for the website to run smoothly. For example, 24/7/365 live chat, phone support must be available when needed. The most hosting company understands the value of creating quality services for the users. So very important in selecting a reliable web hosting company.
When selecting a hosting company, the user expects their website to remain accessible and safe at all times.
Thousand of the website are hacked each day. There is no perfect solution to protect the website from hackers. It only has an excellent solution to take daily backup. when you lose your website from hackers, you quickly recover your website
E.g., eCommerce store like Amazon, Flipkart if the server down for ten minutes to 30 minutes. It will lose millions of dollars, so understand the importance of uptime.

13. Choosing the right hosting package

while choosing a hosting, you must ensure that you have an audience. If you are a starter you don’t have an audience, then the shared web hosting package is best. It depends on you and you.

14. Read the terms of service

In the term of service, the hosting company mentions all the point like downtime, refund policies, or all the things that have the right to do. Unfortunately, most of them are not reading. Therefore, I recommended you read the term of service before buying hosting.

All-Big difference between hosting types, bandwidth is not the same as data transfer.

15. Before buying web hosting, answer yourself the following question:

  1. What kind of website did you require, like creating a static website or using a builder like WordPress or Joomla?
  2. How many websites did you want to create and host?
  3. What traffic are you expecting in a month? How your website will grow in the future?
  4. What is your budget, and what features you want?


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