What is a website? Different types of websites

There are about 2 billion websites globally and have less than 400 million active and still counting. Without the website, the internet is incomplete, so the website is an essential part of the Internet world.

What is a website?

The website is a collection of webpages, known as a specific domain name (like Shitus.com)with an extension (Like.com, in, or whatever). The website is stored and hosted on a web server.

There are two types of websites by visibility:

1. Public

2. Private

The first is public, which was seen worldwide like google.com, yahoo.com, shitus.com, or yourwebsite.com visible on the web browser or search engine page.

Have you heard many times the largest IT company, the government, finance bank, or any other organization’s websites are hacked? This company creates an internal website for all the record data of the employers called a private website network(PBN).

Purposes of the Website

On the internet, different websites have different purposes for creating the services for their audience, such as entertainment, education, news, shopping, and social networking, overall websites provide information or do simply work tips. There is a specific business, person, or start-up that creates a website to fulfill a specific need. When creating a website for a company or person, we get a challenge in the website’s look. We usually develop many samples for customer needs. The challenge is if you want to work for a long time with a particular company you have to give extraordinary things that the company like Good navigation, attractive effect with graphics, that the user likes more, and that will boost your portfolio.

Do not think for the short term, imagine you do not know how to make a website and you want to create an online store for T-shirts, what will you search for online? Yes, you will search keywords like best web developer, or directly visit the competitor’s website like an online store gives credit to developers that developed the website.

If you are thinking about the short term, then you cannot earn more money. You cannot get notable success.

The goal is to market research on how the user reviews what the user wants on a website. How the website user is worth, the way, and many things that can research on the market.

Overall, the user wants the product with proper understanding and in an attractive format why they need that product from your site. So make sure the structure and design of the website speak to what the user wants. Design is just a way to present your content to gain the user’s attention. The content is a way to meet the visitor’s need and convenience the visitor to take action. Website visitors can come from many sources like Google search, social media, and ads on Google. so this is an essential point that the user engages the website for a long time.

The visitors are the guest someone does not know about you and your business. Be aware of yourself and your business and take action. If you are a blogger then subscriber email, or if you have the product they get influenced to buy the product from you.

Types of the website are:

1. Entertainment websites

This website is created for entertaining visitors such as online magazines, online jokes, stories, gossip, coverage, movies, celebrity news, and sports, We create this website to engage and get the user for a long time or when the next time user search they came back for information. In this type of website, the content is such as video, audio, slideshow, and animation.

2. Education website 

The increasing demand for online education is because of the lockdown. Many people want to teach online, I recently make a website on online chocolate teaching courses that teach what the product that makes through chocolate. Assume how much they earn in a month. On the chocolate website, the starting fees for one course are between $100 to $450. They are selling by running ads through Google AdWords and from social media(Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest). They are selling monthly average courses is 80 to 116, so we take an average of 98 courses, and the Average earning in the dollar is 150.

Total revenue= 98×150= $14700 

so simply convert in your country’s currency how much they earn. I just give you an example of a chocolate course website. You can create a course’s website if you are passionate about a particular area. If you do not know how to create, let’s contact us, and we will help you as much as possible.

3. Services, businesses websites

The services-based website is to convert the website visitors to become customers of the company. During the website visit, visitors are trying to find the best company to meet their specific needs. Whether the provider has an excellent reputation and how long the firm has been in business. A visual collection of your work, videos, customer reviews, and so on gives you better results.

4. E-commerce website

The eCommerce websites are to sell a product to the users. This website is extremely enhanced and high-speed. When a visitor visits a website to buy any product, the result is quick, so the cost is also High for creating this type of website. Running the website fast, smoothly, and helpful, easily navigating, and having less process to buy a product from the cart. Using the various payment options with high security and a mobile-friendly design and many more.

5. Informative blog

The blog delivers information to the relevant visitor so that the visitor is up to date on the particular topics. Which gives helpful information to a specified audience to learn something new or understand a topic better. Many blogs have a topic on how-to tips and tricks, fixing the error, repair, guidance, support information, direction, etc.

6. Charity/ NGO/Non-profit site: 

Today, everyone requires a website, such as a charity, business, working professional, or any other. A charity or NGO is a website designed to give the NGO show an online presence. NGOs raise donations online by showing ads on Google and social media to aware more people about an organization or charity. Mostly the charitable website is for showing their presence online, not for increasing their funds. So the charity website is low budget and mostly created from open source tools like WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Joomla, etc.

7. Social media websites

A social media site is a site that made somebody share the data like pictures, thoughts, photos, or any digital content online with people and with the specified topic and connect with different people. The social media site trends are on Innovation. If you offer something new, then there are many chances that your social media sites go viral. It is not a constant that depends on implementing and doing new things like Tumblr.

8. Forums websites

Forums are websites to discuss various topics with interesting people. In the forms, we get the solution to many questions in many styles and by many people. There are many forms like Quora, and Reddit, which give popular topics to discuss with people.

9. PBN websites:

PBN is used in the organization to gather data in various forms for their employees or work in the company. We can’t make this website with CMS like WordPress. We can do this by coding and with tight security.

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